Family Communications

Communications Planning

Does your family have a plan in place on how to communicate when disaster strikes?  Do your children know who to call to let them know where they are at and that they are okay?  Communication networks can be damaged during a disaster.  This means you may not be able to place a phone call.  What is your back-up plan?  Having a communications plan can effectively keep your family in touch during a disaster.  Everyone will know who to call and when to call them; helping keep families connected and possibly assisting with reuniting if you get separated.

Prepare your home and mobile devices before a disaster.

Before a disaster strikes you should create a communications plan for your family.  Ensure that everyone in the family knows what to do in the event of a disaster and who they should call to let them know that they are okay.  

Communicating During and After a Disaster

During and after a Disaster, communication could prove to be difficult.  Everyone is trying to use their phones to communicate with loved ones.  Here is where your communication plan could be put to good use.

How to Create your Communications Plan

You don't have a plan in place and you don't know where to start...You need something easy so that everyone can follow the plan and understand what to do.  Follow the link below to find a printable version of a Family Communications Plan.