Water Testing

When should I test my well water?

There are several tests that, if done periodically, can help owners of private wells determine whether they have safe, clean drinking water. The Wisconsin DNR recommends you test your private well at least once a year. State well construction code requires that new wells be tested before use. You should consider testing anytime you notice a change in odor or taste.

Where can I get a water test kit?

Water test kits are available at the Green County Public Health.

How much does it cost to test my water?

Please review the price list and packages available.
If you meet certain criteria the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene will test your water for free. Call the Green County Health Department at 608-328-9390 for those requirements.

How do I know which test(s) to perform?​

Homeowner’s​ Package 
- Basic package. 
- Includes the two most important tests to perform regularly on a well 
     - Bacteria
     - Nitrate

Metals Package

- You have never had your well tested for arsenic
- You are experiencing problems with staining
- Previous tests indicated the presence of arsenic
- Your plumbing system has components that contain copper or lead

Pesticide Testing
- Your well is within 1/4 mile of agricultural fields where corn has been grown
- Previous tests indicated elevated levels of nitrate likely caused by agricultural fertilizers

Homeowner Package Test kits are available for pick up at Green County Public Health. If you want to test for metals, and/or pesticides please contact the lab at the number below, or fill out their online form to order a test package.

UW Stevens Point
Water & Environmental Analysis Laboratory
They will send you a metals testing kit.
If you have any questions please call 608-328-9390.

Green County Well Water Monitoring Project Dashboard

Green County Public Health is working with UW-Extension Green County and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point on a 5-year well water monitoring program. Community members can view data from this monitoring program on our dashboard.

Click HERE to view the dashboard.