November General Election:
November 8, 2022

The General Election will be held on November 8, 2022 in all municipalities in Green County. Polls will be open from 7am-8pm.

Green County Officials Not Seeking Re-Election

The following officials have filed notifications of non-candidacy and are not seeking re-election: 

  • Barb Miller - Clerk of Circuit Court
  1. Green County Advisory Referendum on Clean Water
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  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer
  • U.S. Senator
  • U.S. Representatives
  • State Senators
  • State Assembly Reps
  • Green County Sheriff
  • Green County Coroner
  • Green County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Green County Clean Water Referendum

 (Note:  does not include potential municipal referendum, those are not yet determined)

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Helpful Links

www.elections.wi.gov - Wisconsin Elections Commission
www.myvote.wi.gov - Register to vote online, request an absentee ballot, find polling place info, view a sample ballot