Children’s Long-Term Support Program (CLTS)

The Children's Long-Term Support Program (CLTS) coordinates and manages an array of comprehensive services for eligible children from birth to age 18 with a severe developmental disability, physical disability, autism, or emotional disability. Services are individually designed to help support the child and family and to promote health, safety, participation and independence in the home and community.

Birth to Three Program (B-3)

The Birth to Three Program (B-3) provides early intervention services to children from birth to age 3 who are determined to have a diagnosed physical or mental condition, with a high probability of a resultant developmental delay, or with a cognitive, physical (including vision and hearing), communicative, social or emotional delay. The services, which include therapy and service coordination, are provided in the child's natural environment (e.g. home, daycare, etc). Families should be involved and present, to the greatest extent possible, when and where the child receives services. Early intervention services are coordinated with the child's primary health care provider.

Additional Information

For information call 608-328-9359.