Downloadable GIS Data & Forms

Zipped ESRI 10 File Geodatabase of County's GIS Data

Download the Zipped FGDB (zip) file, which is 17 megabytes (mb) and contains:

  • Address points
  • CSMs
  • Lakes
  • MCD Boundaries
  • Parcels
  • PLSS sections
  • Railroads
  • Rivers
  • Road centerlines (with address ranges)
  • Road ROW polygons
  • Subdivisions

Custom GIS Data & / or Map Request

The Custom GIS Data / Map Request Form (PDF) contains the fee schedule for custom GIS datasets and maps available through the Land Information Office. Complete the form and mail the request along with payment to:
Green County Land Information Office
1016 16th Avenue
Monroe, WI 53566

Please contact our office with any questions regarding this form.

Plat Book Order Form

Green County Land Information sells plat books published by Farm & Home Publishers (FHP). The cost is $35 for the current edition if purchased in-person, and an additional $6 if mailed to a U.S. address.  New editions are released every two years.

View the 2023 Plat Book Order Form (PDF) for more information.

Digital Plats of Survey

We have made our Plats of Survey available digitally. They are sorted by volume and page number. Each volume also has an index folder to look up owners by name.

To access these files, visit the Land Records Plats of Survey page.